How It Works

Snap. Sell.

It’s easy to sell on Traadit, no boxing, no shipping, and no dangerous meet-ups with strangers. Just take a picture, add a price and you’re done. Buyers shop and pay online. When your item sells, just drop it at your convenient Traadit kiosk. That’s it!

Traadit handles everything, so you can get down to making money. New items, used items, everything is easy to sell on Traadit.

1. You buy an item.
2. Seller delivers to the kiosk.
3. Review delivery video and collect.
4. Payment is released.

Traadit Fees

Traadit is free to snap, list, chat, and meet the old fashioned way. But for a small fee, we can really crank up your sales. With online payment and convenient kiosks, reach more customers and cut-out the middleman. 10% sales fee up to $25, plus tax. Minimum of $2, $3 or $4 (small, med or large) plus tax.

You can sell a $400 phone for $25 plus tax. You can sell a large $50 skateboard for $5 plus tax. It’s easier and safer than meet-ups and less expensive than shipping. More people will pay online because we hold the money until they receive the item.


We only collect sales tax of 6.75% on our box rental fee, not the item itself.